Gracie Barra South LakeGracie Barra South Lake

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Brian Blain

Prof. Alejandro is the best! Great vibe in the gym

Charles Auva’a

Master Alejandro is an amazing world class instructor. He is patient and teaches you at a speed that will allow the techniques you are drilling to stick.

Matthew Tate

I love training at Gracie Barra in Southlake with Professor Alejandro Siqueira. Professor Alejandro is great, very detailed and will work with any skill level.

Todd Leonard

I recently attended classes at Gracie Barra Southlake while on business travel in Dallas. The classes were well run and everyone is very welcoming. In addition, the facility and location is great. (more…)

Hayden Wheeler

Professor Alejandro is a jiu jitsu genius! He is definatley the best instructor in the Dallas/DFW area. He is patient, great with kids, beginners, and advanced students. (more…)

Jeff Whiteside

I love training at Gracie Barra in Southlake with Professor Alejandro Siqueira. The quality of instruction is world class. Alejandro is a very patient, skilled, and detailed instructor. (more…)

Dilinho Santos

Gracie Barra Southlake has a truly Brazilian BJJ instructor. Very patient and kinda. Outstanding tournament portfolio. Location and place and organization are a plus. Highly recommended.

James Samford

I spent this past spring break visiting with friends in Southlake, Tx and my buddy took me to this dojo to try out jiu-jitsu for my first time. It was awesome! I had so much fun, it was a very positive (more…)

Ryan Colón

I highly recommend Gracie Barra in Southlake, if you interested in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu or just trying to get in shape . I never trained in any kind of martial arts so i was hesitate to try, (more…)

Chris Newsom

I moved to the Keller area several months ago, and lost a great jiu jitsu team. I came to Gracie Barra Southlake to continue my training and was greeted with open arms by everyone in the school. (more…)

Gabe Pappanastos

I had been training BJJ for about 2 years when I showed up at Gracie Barra Southlake TX. I came from Alabama where I had won the state tournament 3 times in a row as a blue belt (more…)

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